Established in 2004, our Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund has provided scholarship awards to college-bound youth residing in BHC neighborhoods. When you donate to the Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund, you are directly supporting youth in our community and their dreams of higher education. BHC believes that every student should have an opportunity to make a better future for themselves through education.

 If you share this belief, please contribute to the Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund in whatever measure you can.

Our Scholarship Makes a Difference

Dedicated to our first board president, the Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund has provided modest scholarships to college students residing in BHC Communities for 13 years and counting! The cost of a college education has been consistently increasing since 1980; for example, the average price of a college textbook is now $200! For households with limited financial resources, these overwhelming expenses can push potential college students out of higher education. 

The Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund truly has an impact in BHC communities. We, at BHC, have seen teachers, nurses, engineers, biologists and technicians come out of neighborhoods that, in years past, could not produce high school graduates. Equipping our young people with the tools to ensure their self-sufficiency in the future is the only sure way of breaking the cycle of poverty. With the support of our generous donors, BHC hopes to continue providing scholarship opportunities to youth in our communities. 

The 2016 Scholarship Winners (Left to Right: Adriana L., Gakpe M., Keren Z.)

Gakpe, a long-time resident of our Peyton-Grismer neighborhood, was awarded with the Allen Cottriel Scholarship for the last three years. He started his college education at a local community college but his academic excellence allowed him to transfer to a four-year university. BHC is extremely proud of his dedication and achievements. We hope that he continues his education and reaches his career aspiration of becoming a medical researcher.