Home Depot Volunteers donated their time and skills at our Veteran Bungalows

As a non-profit developer, BHC routinely  searches for properties in need of rehabilitation so that we can continue expanding our communities. BHC works with the City of Burbank to acquire these properties & once the rehabilitation process is complete, these buildings become a part of our affordable housing program.

Our rehabilitation process transforms poorly maintained buildings into safe, attractive, & affordable housing. BHC's acquisition strategy is to rehabilitate properties in focus areas with blighting conditions, such as overcrowding, lack of open space, & limited access to public amenities.

We believe that housing efforts need to be geographically focused so that the impact of our activities is maximized within a given area. For this reason, all BHC Properties are located in 5 focus areas in the City of Burbank.

Our Impact

Although our property rehabilitation only occurs in BHC projects, we have witnessed how our efforts have encouraged neighboring properties to improve and properly maintain their units. Our community presence has positively impacted surrounding areas by increasing property values, improving neighborhood aesthetics, & resolving existing site constraints or obsolescence.

Through our community involvement, BHC works to end the effects of negligent or deferred maintenance, to intervene in harmful or discriminatory property management practices, and to provide easy access to supportive services.  Over time, BHC and our affordable housing program has given neighborhoods that were once neglected a second chance to become healthy and supportive environments for the families and residents who live in these communities. 

Visit Our Communities page to learn more about our focus neighborhoods.