Elmwood Preservation Project

This year, BHC and the City of Burbank have been hard at work on the Elmwood Preservation project. Originally purchased by the City of Burbank to address the area’s blighted conditions and gang activities, the Elmwood community became BHC’s first focus area. 

While dramatic changes were put in place, the apartment units were rehabilitated only to the extent that each unit needed to meet basic health and safety codes. 

BHC Staff & Board Members celebrating the completion of Phase II of the Elmwood Preservation Project

Over the last 20 years of BHC ownership, our organization has invested in gradual upgrades as it could afford to do so. With the assistance of the City’s housing authority, Burbank Housing Corporation will fully rehabilitate 10 units in our Elmwood community. This week, BHC and supporters celebrated the completion of Phase II of the Elmwood Preservation project. 

We believe that reinvesting in our oldest buildings will extend the useful life of these homes. The Elmwood Preservation Project will bring up the standard of these units to the level of newer BHC properties and preserve the value of this important housing resource.