Many friends and supporters have found common ground with BHC and share our goals. These partners not only make our programs possible, they form an integral part of the BHC mission. Residents, civic organizations and the business community are all involved in BHC’s efforts.

BHC was the creation and brainchild of the City of Burbank. Realizing that a local, community based organization was the most efficient and viable vehicle for its housing program, the City helped and funded the initial formation of BHC. Since then, the City and its Housing Authority have had a truly unique partnership & have created such a distinctly new model of cooperative work that other cities & jurisdictions have sought to emulate it.

The City of Burbank acts as the lender of all BHC projects, providing loans & grants that allow for the provision of services & support of the administrative work of BHC & its support services. In addition, the City works closely with BHC to ensure the quality & cost efficiency of each project provides relocation assistance & generously shares is technical support and skills.

In November 2018, Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) partnered with the Boys & Girls Club (B&GC) of Burbank and the Greater East Valley to address our families’ need for after-school care. Serving our community for more than 24 years, the B&GC of Burbank supports and nurtures potential in 3,700 youth by providing programs that include health and life skills, education and career, creative arts, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), leadership, and athletics. 

Located in our first Focus Neighborhood, the Elmwood Activity Center became the first B&GC site to operate the a free after-school program to children (ages 6-16) from our properties. Shortly after, The Peyton-Grismer Activity Center also became a site for our youth programs with the Boys & Girls Club.  

BHC and B&GC have expanded their partnership to include a full summer program  and an all-day enrichment program. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (818) 559-2336 or

Since 2010, Home Again Los Angeles (HALA), formerly known as Family Promise of the Verdugos, has been operating a shelter program for homeless families and leasing a housing unit from Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) with the purpose of providing a Day Center to their program participants. HALA has expanded their programs and has become skilled and capable in providing households with guidance, case management, training and information on matters related housing and family stability.

Over the years, BHC and HALA have joined forces to tackle the homelessness crisis. In February 2019, Burbank Housing Corporation ,  Home Again Los Angeles, and the City of Burbank completed the rehabilitation of a three-unit property, Jerry’s Promise. Named in loving memory of our long-time board member Dr. Jerry Jones, Jerry’s Promise provides transitional housing to homeless families in the HALA Shelter Program. With the support of volunteers, donors, and partners, BHC and HALA was able to move in three formerly homeless families into a fully furnished unit with a stocked pantry.

A subsidiary of the nation’s largest child care providers, KinderCare Education at Work has partnered with BHC since to operate and manage BHC’s two Child Care Centers. Known for the highest quality of it care and curriculum, KinderCare continues to provide BHC with nationally-accredited centers and programs. About 20% of the spaces at the Centers are reserved at subsidized tuition rates for lower-income families.

Established in 1992, New Directions for Veterans (NDVets) offers veterans comprehensive services that empower them to live productive and self-sufficient lives. Their diverse resources include transitional & permanent supportive housing, job assistance, substance abuse treatment, and mental health services. NDVets serve our residents in BHC’s newly completed project, The Burbank Bungalows. 

The Burbank Bungalows, an 11-unit property, provides permanent supportive housing for homeless veterans. Together, Burbank Housing Corporation and New Directions for Veterans can equip our resident veterans with the tools necessary to improve their quality of life.

A long-established organization providing, among many other, high quality professional mental health care, counseling and family support services, Family Service Agency (FSA) partners with BHC to provide specialized support programs in BHC’s Special Housing Programs.

FSA operates and provides support services to the residents in our transitional housing facilities for victims of domestic abuse, homeless families with children, and homeless young adults and emancipated youth. FSA works with each individual resident or family in a very intensive and personalized program with the goal of allowing those residents to move into permanent housing at the end of their program stay.

At the end of 2005 and through 2006, BHC acquired four adjacent and highly dilapidated properties located in its Peyton-Grismer Focus Area. In partnership with the Burbank Redevelopment Agency and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, the four parcels were developed into an 8-unit residential complex providing home ownership to the Burbank community.

Eight very-low income families, five of which are former BHC tenants, moved into their very own homes. BHC will continue to own and lease the land for this development and to assist the new homeowners and their association.

In July 2019,  BHC partnered with Providence Community Health to provide health-related services to our residents and the surrounding community. Located in BHC’s Verdugo Activity Center, The Providence Community Health & Wellness Hub provides services and programs focusing on physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being to all in need. 

Through this partnership, Providence Community Health offers free health education classes and on-site enrollment assistance for programs such as CalFresh, Covered California, and Medi-Cal. Their programming will include diabetes prevention program, free ZUMBA fitness and low impact exercise classes, healthy cooking demonstrations, and so much more!