2016 Allen Cottriel Scholarship Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2016 Allen Cottriel Scholarship Winners! 

On September 27, 2016, BHC presented seven deserving and dedicated students with the Allen Cottriel Scholarship Award. The Allen Cottriel Scholarship has helped BHC youth reach their potential for 12 years and counting! Established in 2004, the Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund provides modest scholarships to college-bound youth in BHC communities. Every year since then, BHC staff and our board of directors have sought private donations from the Burbank community to fund the Allen Cottriel Scholarship.

Our 2016 scholarship winners are attending diverse academic institutions, ranging from nearby colleges like Glendale Community College to larger universities such as UC Davis. By being active and involved members in their schools, churches, and volunteer work, the Allen Cottriel Scholarship Recipients have shown a commitment not only to their studies but also to their communities.

The cost of a college education has been consistently increasing since 1980; for example, the average price of a college textbook is now $200! For households with limited financial resources, these overwhelming expenses can push potential college students out of higher education. BHC believes that our students should have the opportunity to better themselves through education. With the support of our donors, BHC hopes to continue providing scholarship opportunities to youth in our communities.

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