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Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) has over 300 affordable units in the City of Burbank! These units are located in our 5 Focus Neighborhoods (Elmwood, Verdugo-Lake, Peyton-Grismer, Golden State, & Lake-Alameda). All of BHC’s vacancies are filled through a waiting list system that is separated into four income levels. BHC Properties are mixed-income residences to accurately reflect the reality of our communities.  

The BHC Waiting List applies to ALL units in our permanent housing properties. No specific unit or building requests will be granted. Our properties are composed of one-bedroom to four-bedroom units. When a unit becomes available, the next potential applicants on the BHC Waiting List are contacted by our property management staff to view the first available unit set aside for the household’s income category. 

Learn about the BHC Waiting List: HERE