Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) and our affordable housing program, we recommend taking a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Our FAQs cover questions about our affordable housing program and our waiting list. If you still have questions, please contact our office during our normal business hours.

 Affordable Housing Questions

How does your affordable housing program work?

Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) operates our Affordable Housing Program exclusively in Burbank, CA. BHC is a HUD-recognized Community-Based Housing Development Organization (CHDO). Our Affordable Housing Program has fixed rent rates and tenants are responsible for paying their monthly rent in its entirety. BHC owns over 300 affordable apartment units in five focus neighborhoods and operates a waiting list system to fill all of its vacancies. Interested applicants must first apply for the BHC Waiting List to enter our Affordable Housing Program.

There are four waiting lists that are categorized by income level. The income and rent requirements for each income category are established by the State of California for Los Angeles County. All of BHC properties are mixed-income to accurately reflect the reality of our communities. Please keep in mind that our Affordable Housing Program is NOT a form of immediate or emergency housing.

Does every BHC Property have its own waiting list?

No. There is only one waiting list for all BHC properties.

Is this public housing?

No. Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) is a private nonprofit organization. Our affordable housing is not a part of the government.

Is this Section 8?

No. Section 8 is a rent subsidy program that is operated by city governments. If you are interested in Section 8, you may call the City of Burbank's Housing Authority at (818) 238-5160.

 Application Questions

How can I apply for the waiting list?

First, determine the number of persons that will live in the household, including you, all children & any unborn children, if someone in your household is pregnant.

Second, calculate your total gross monthly income from every household member that have income and who are over 18 years of age. Income from financial aid & SNAP (or other food stamp programs) are NOT considered for our affordable housing program (Gross income means income before taxes or other deductions are made). You may  include:

Salary, wages, average overtime pay, SSI, Social Security, or disability benefits, pensions or annuities, and money provided on a regular basis by family members that are not included on the application.

Third, please visit our Waiting List Page to find out if the waiting list your household qualifies for is open at this time: http://burbankhousingcorp.org/how-to-apply/

Lastly, please contact our office and provide BHC with your household size & gross annual income. Our office will send you a waiting list application via email, mail, or fax if your household qualifies for an open waiting list. If you qualify for a closed waiting list, you must wait until the waiting list reopens to request an application. To hear about upcoming waiting list openings, please contact our office or visit our website in January 2018.

What documents do I have to bring to apply for the waiting list?

No additional documents are required when you apply for the waiting list; however, you may want to review your recent paychecks and tax documents before you fill out the application. Having the most exact and correct income information is very important.

Can I apply for the Moderate Income Waiting List even though my household qualifies for low income?

No. Your household must apply to the waiting list your household qualifies for. Each BHC apartment unit has a special income designation so only a family that qualifies for Moderate Income can move into a unit set aside for Moderate Income Households.


Waiting List Questions

How long will I be on the waiting list?

BHC’s program is permanent affordable housing. Because there is no time limit on how long a tenant can stay in our program, it is hard to estimate how long your household may wait. The average household waits 2-5 years to be placed in a unit. BHC’s affordable housing program is NOT a form of immediate or emergency housing.

Can I apply to multiple waiting lists?

No.  Because our waiting lists are separated into four income levels, a household can only income qualify for one waiting list. Duplicate applications will be rejected. 

Why is the wait so long?

BHC has just over 300 units in our program. We can only move new tenants off the waiting list & into our program when our current tenants vacate one of our units. Many of our tenants are on fixed incomes and stay in our apartment for an extended period of time, which makes the wait times long for new applicants.

The Waiting List my household qualifies for is closed. What do I do now?

You may contact our office or check our website in January 2018 to find out if a closed waiting list will reopen later in the year. BHC conducts an annual waiting list audit near the end of the calendar year to determine if a closed waiting list will reopen in the following year. Our office announces our waiting list update in January 2018 to inform interested applicants about upcoming waiting list openings. Our waiting lists may remain closed until further notice.

How does the lottery system work?

Our Low Income Waiting Lists operate under a random lottery system. When a waiting list opens, our office accepts eligible applications for a two-week period. After the application deadline, all received applications will be individually screened to determine if they are eligible for the open waiting list. Then BHC will conduct a random lottery with those eligible applicants. Those applications that are randomly selected will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. In the following weeks after the deadline, BHC will mail a letter to everyone who applied notifying them of their application status.

Other Questions

Will you check my credit or look at my taxes? 

After you have waited on the waiting list and it is your turn to be offered a vacant unit, BHC's Management Office will conduct a credit check and a criminal background check. We will also need to establish your income. We will do so by looking at your tax filings, bank accounts, and cash assets. 

Who comes up with these income levels & rents? 

The income & rent requirements are established by the State Legislature. If you have questions on how they determine the rates, BHC recommends you contact your local state representative. 

Where are the apartments? 

BHC owns several different building located in 5 focus areas in the City of Burbank. A majority of our apartment are located near the Burbank airport. For tenant privacy reasons, BHC does not disclose the exact addresses of our properties. If you would like to learn more about our communities, please visit Our Communities Page